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Božo Povijač
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My name  is Božo Povijač and I come from Croatia, living at Sigetec Ludbreški.Born at 11th December 1973. Married , 2 children.  I am lucky , because  my region ( Podravina ) is full of good waters for fishing – rivers Drava , Mura , Bednja , Plitvica and a lot of gravel pits and artificial lakes.

I work the last 15 years ( besides my regular work at sawmill ) as a regular contributor in Croatian fishing magazine , “ Ribiči & Ribe “ . My  specialty is lure angling and  everything from lure angling World , testing rods , reels , lures… Also , my articles were published in a several foreign magazines , such as : “ Ribolovački magazin “ and  “ Spin & Fly “ from Serbia , “ Vode in mi “ from Slovenia , “ Lure Angler “ from England…

From year 2011.-2014. I was a member of a Team Dragon Croatia.

My favourite fish specie is chub ( size doesn’t matter ) and second one is pike. But , also , there are asp , perch , trout , zander and bass .

Behind my house , just 50 metres away , flows river Bednja . Small river but full of chub ( mainly small ) and there you can find me whenever I have some free time J

In my career , I fish in Austria , Serbia , Hungary , Spain and all over the Croatia.

My PB is 36 kilo wels ( catfish ) , from river Ebro in Spain.

Lately , I mostly use light and ultra light fishing gear , because there is no too much big fish in our waters ( mainly because of poachers and because most of anglers take fish home to eat ). I prefer rods and reels from Daiwa.

Catch and release approach is my moto.

I love to fish in wild and undiscovered areas.

I regulary attend some competitions in Croatia , and I won few medals and cups.

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