An inconspicuous crankbait, that is a consistent performer in Salmo’s range right from the word go, our company start in 1991. Despite the small changes in its construction it is still in the top-sellers list and has a huge number of fans in many countries. Recommended for any type of fishery. Available in one size – 5cm as a sinking (S), floating (F) or a super deep runner (SDR) version.



  • In the Salmo offer since - 1991
  • Available sizes:
  • Available versions:  Floating (F), Sinking (S) and Super Deep Runner (SDR)
  • 8 Deadly effective colours
  • Through-wire construction
  • Polycarbonate lip
  • Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
  • Premium Black Nickel VMC Hooks

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The floating version is best cast downstream then retrieved slowly and steadily against the flow; remember to pause the lure for a few seconds near fish-holding features to trigger strikes. The sinking version can also be fished upstream, just retrieve the lure at mid-depth as slowly as possible with a few short, soft twitches; the SDR is also suitable for upstream and downstream retrieves. When fishing in lakes or slow-flowing rivers with the SDR version you should sweep the rod tip around to dive the lure down to your required depth then retrieve it quite quickly and erratically.

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Model version length (cm) weight(g) Hooks Recommended line (mm) Diving depth (m)
br 5 f floating 5 5 two-no.8 0,20 0,8/1,5
br 5 s sinking 5 7 two-no.8 0,20 1,0/2,0
br 5 sdr floating 5 6 two-no. 8 0,20 2,5/4,0
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