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European Pike Championship 2010!

European Pike Championship 2010!
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Sergej Pichugin

Our team participated in the European Pike Competition (EPC) for the fourth time. 2 years in a row our team named “Salmo – Angler-Ukraine” represented a famous Polish lure manufacturer “Salmo”. Bearing such a name is a great honor and responsibility for us, and our team had to show a good performance. Last year we took the honorable eighth place. Ahead of us there were 6 out of 12 Swedish teams consisting of professional fishing guides who knew the competition area perfectly well and French team “Sebile-1”. The bulk of contenders considered local guides’ participation on big boats equipped with 150-200 hp engines compared to little boats with15 hp engines unjust. With sectors length reaching 30 kilometers, a team on a small boat with 15 hp engine had no chance to fish all area of a sector. This year the rules of the competition have been radically changed (visit
http://www.fishingcamps.se/epc_rules.pdf)and all teams had even chances on winning.

Along with my colleague and friend Alexander Belyaev we put our stake at crankbaits. Last year we used Salmo Skinner 15 and Pike 13, and this year we gave preference to Perch 12 SR and Executor 12. Our choice turned out completely justified: these champion pair of crankbaits showed a great performance and helped us to come away victorious.

Weather conditions were very complicated this year. On the first competition day the strength of wind was 12 meters per second with blasts up to 16. The jury had to cancel the second day of the competition because of the wind with strength of 28 meters per second and waves 2 meter high. Fortunately on the next day of the competition the wind subsided up to 10 m/s. According to the rules a cancelled competition day was not compensated with an extra day, so the third day became decisive.

On the last day our team “Salmo – Angler-Ukraine” managed to improve the total result from 423 to 465 cm and gain a victory leaving behind “Sebile Team” and the Dutch team with the difference of 12 and 38 cm in total length correspondingly. The overall total of 465 cm is a record in the history of EPC for 2 days of competition.
Besides getting moral satisfaction we were awarded a check for 8000 Euros, a multifunctional echo-sounder Seiwa StarFish, a set of Fishmania baits for the sum of 500 Euros and traditional wood pikes handcrafted by a talented Polish engraver Robert Paulin. We would like to make a special mention of excellent organization of the championship and thank “Salmo” and Piotr Piskorski personally for financial and moral support of our team.

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