Executor and asp

Executor and asp
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Since Salmo’s Executors in 9 and 12 cm size have been given to us for testing, we were thinking how can we use them, except of obvious – pike fishing. So we got the idea of testing the smaller, 9 cm version on an asp fishery. Obviously we are talking about large lakes, that You troll for asps. Previous season we tested Executor 9 cm on two large reservoirs. During the times of better feeding of asps, when they hunt for prey near the surface, Executor was an excellent, 100% proof lure. Of course it is never the lure itself that would catch fish, its efficiency depends on many factors, such as choosing the right spot, proper line diameter (line have to be pick properly, to let the lure to dive to wanted depth), the distance that the lure is released to or the most important factor – boat speed. Those are the factors that held a great influence on the described crank effectivity (and propably all of the lures). When given proper conditions crank can dive to 3, and even 4 metres. Last season we caught on 9cm model plenty of asps of different sizes, but the most common catch were ones between 60 to 75 cm.

This season, 2010, it’s efficiency was confirmed once more, by catching another large asps. But this season we decided to go even further and to risk the use of larger model – Executor 12 cm. When trolled properly Executor 12 can dive to the depth of 5 to 6 metres. But initially we were full of doubts about its size. And it is not the length that shocks us anyhow, but Executor 12 is a really large lure. Executor 12 is fat and wide in its “neck” and it makes it really large, compared to other lures of similar size. As we all know, the experience is gained by trials of new stuff, so finally even the large Executor 12 found it’s place on the snaps of our “asp” sets. And what we got? It was a jackpot!

On some occasions Executor 12 cm is a very efficient asp lure. It is hard to believe, but it is the truth, confirmed by catching large asps over 80cm and even ones over 90 cm! Obviously there are some other factors that can decide on it’s efficiency and only their proper blend will make it perfect for asps.

Sebastian i Mateusz Kalkowscy

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