This word for the majority of us comes to mean something rather more than just a way to spend our days off, something so much more than just sport and fun. This philosophy is gaining more and more followers all over the World.

Fishing with artificial lures is a unique way of fishing – full of mysteries and secrets; secrets that are very often carefully guarded by masters of fishing and hidden from their competitors. Secrets related to the detailed knowledge of fisheries and fish behaviour, as well as secrets about the tackle and lures used. Would you like to hear solutions to many of the mysteries of lure fishing? Join the rapidly-growing number of anglers already successfully fishing with Salmo lures and our masters of fishing will gladly share their secrets with you.

SALMO lures

You only have to fish with SALMO lures once to become convinced of how special they are. They really are not just more imitations made to satisfy the whims of collector-anglers – these lures are unique for several reasons. There is no other lure manufacturer in the world who, as well as drawing upon his skill and fishing passion, has invested in professional knowledge of fish biology. SALMO lures therefore have built-in secrets – a powerful combination coming from the knowledge and experience of designers (graduate fish biologists) and the demanding SALMO field testers in Europe and overseas. The magic of these secrets is confirmed every day by the messages of thanks coming in from many countries accompanied by pictures of trophy fish caught on our lures and stories about fantastic fishing adventures.

The origin of nearly every SALMO lure was different and the purpose of each of them was also slightly different – every one of our lures was designed to meet different objectives. Fishing experience has shown however that in quite a short time we have found uses for the lures other than the planned ones. Take the STING for example, designed with trolling for salmonids in mind it has turned out to be a perfect lure for casting in large rivers; and the GIANT CHUBBY – designed for vertical fishing has turned out to be an excellent trolling lure.

The majority of manufacturers of jerkbaits claim that their lures are suitable for trolling. SALMO jerkbaits differ from the others because in our case this really is true! So if you love trolling you can use the JACK, FATSO, SLIDER, or WARRIOR, as well as the SALMO POP or one of the newest surface lures – the TURBO JACK or DINNER BELL and be confident that you have made a wise choice.
SALMO produce a unique range of lures – only anglers’ imaginations limit the ways these lures can be used to catch fish.


They verify all our ideas, despite the origin of the lure’s design and place of its birth. Fish are the final and the most demanding critics of our best ideas and of our modern lure-making technology. Fish are at the same time the most indispensable part of the fishing landscape. How delicate, fragile and susceptible to a number of damaging human activities they are. Without fish in our waters angling will die and lure fishing will change into no more than a lure collecting hobby. The duty of all anglers is to be aware of the numerous threats that civilization poses to fish and to disseminate knowledge about a modern approach to our beloved sport.
Despite the increasing popularity of Catch & Release and its undoubted success in improving fishing results, in many countries the majority of caught fish are still being killed. As always we ask for common sense and moderation regarding this issue: release all the fish you catch or take home just as few as are essential and leave the rest to live, grow, reproduce and please other anglers – or even yourself when you catch them again in a few years’ time, when they have grown even bigger. This is especially important with larger specimens that need several years to grow big enough to deserve the name of a trophy fish.

For these reasons we recommend our products with pride, but also with some fear. Their unbelievable efficiency provides a serious threat to trophy fish that were previously impossible to catch for the vast majority of anglers. SALMO lures are dangerous weapons. We trust however that together with us – the creators of SALMO lures – you will join our urgent appeal to all anglers.



Let the slogan - “limit your catch – don’t catch your limit” – become the guiding rule of all Salmo lure fans!

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