Salmons from Chile

Salmons from Chile
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On Summer 2004 I went to Puelo River, lactated at the south of Chile specifically at the 10 region. I have never visit this area before. While I was looking for a place where I and my boy friend can sleep, we met Fernando Espindola the owner of Turismo Rio Puelo, who offer us a little house where we can stay a few days.

Also Fernando told us that these place was perfect if we want to fish. Then we went to fish with Fernando and I started to fish. We return to Puelo river every summer for holidays and fishing, since that year.

These year 2006, before we started our holidays and while we where looking out for some lures I found the Salmo Bullhead 4 Sinking BD, I thought that if I bought it my fishing will be nice, so I bought the Salmo lure.

On January 2006 we arrived to Puelo River specifically at Turismo Rio Puelo, and I told Fernando that I have bought a new lure, so he told me lets go fishing. Then I got a big surprised with the lure, I caught two salmons one of 18kg at the Puelo river and the other one at the Taridor River which is located at the top of the Puelo river, these salmon weight 17 kg. These salmons are the biggest one I’ve ever fished, thanks toSalmo.

Claudia Contreras


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