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Miguel Sanz – Spain

Miguel Sanz – Spain
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Miguel Sanz – sport fishing journalist, director of sport fishing tour company Viajes Iberia and since 2009 a distribution of Salmo lures in Spain.

42 years old, living in Alcalá de Henares, central Spain. He started fishing in the early age of 4 years, in the small trout rivers of his homeland, the mountains of Leon – Northern Spain, firstly using natural baits, later on spinning. When he moved to Central Spain he also started to fish for pike, black bass and carp in reservoirs. Later, in his twenties, he discovered a new world of fishing with the exotic species and remote destinations, uniting his passion for sport angling and love for travelling, starting to make trips in the Amazon, that is his dream journey, having fished there for six times, species like peacock bass, payara, bicuda, piranha, dogfish, arowana, red tail catfish, piraiba, etc., in a good number of rivers of Brazil and Venezuela. Other of his favorite exotic species are fresh water dorado, Nile perch and tigerfish. He has also been fishing in Patagonia, Alaska, Uruguay, West and North Africa, Scandinavia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Ireland, etc.

In 1993 he started to cooperate for the first only fishing Spanish magazine – Trofeo Pesca. One year after this publication was launched he started to work for a good number of other Spanish and European angling magazines like – Federpesca, Federpesca Mar, Trofeo Pesca, Pesca a Bordo, Solo Pesca. In Portugal: Mundo da Pesca, O pescador. In France: Voyages de Peche. In Italy: La vie de la pesca in acqua dolce. In Holland: De Roofvis, Vitvis Totaal, Zeehengelsport. In UK: Pike and Predators, Boat Fishing Montly. In Germany: Fisch und Fang, Der Raubfisch, Rute und Rolle.

He did a lot of articles and reports, mainly about predatory fishing and angling trips, both in fresh and saltwater, as well as sport fishing cartoons.

His favourite technique is spinning and his favourite Salmo lures are Minnow sinking 6 cm., Sting 9 cm. suspending, Pike 13JDR and Pike16F, Jack sinking, Zipper 7,5 cm., Giant Chubby and Spitting Rover.


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