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Nothing beats a Fatso!

Nothing beats a Fatso!
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Dear readers,

First, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Michiel Wateler, 19 years old, and I live in The Netherlands. I started fishing when I was six years old and I can honestly say that I fished a lot since then. In my early years I used a simple rod to hunt for small fish in my neighbourhood, but nowadays I’m totally specialized on big predatory fish species and I will travel everywhere to catch them. Fishing is not a hobby anymore, it became my life.

My favourite fish is the asp, but this time, I won’t write about these silver beauties. When the winter arrives, they seem to disappear! It is very difficult to catch asp in the cold months. Luckily fishing for pike is a very good option in these months. The water is getting colder, and you can catch pike better than ever. One of my favourite lures to catch pike is the Salmo Fatso. That’s where this article is about!

The first time I came in contact with the Salmo Fatso was in the local tackle store, about four years ago. I knew some Salmo lures already, especially the small ones to catch asp and perch, but I had no experience with the bigger ones. At that time, I started to expand my lure-collection for the fishing on pike, so I bought two of them, a Fatso Hotperch10 and a 14cm Fatso in Natural Perch.

Right after I left the shop, I tested both lures. I loved the natural action, and after a couple of minutes the first pike was hooked already! From that moment, I fished (and caught!) a lot with the Fatso10 in the small city-waters. This lure was so successful, my fish mates really feared it after catching less then me almost every day. Now, most of them own one or more, haha!

The 14cm Fatso stayed in my lure box without seeing much water. But this changed when I bought my first boat. From that time, the Fatso14 became interesting for me. You can catch a lot casting with it, but it’s even more brilliant to fish it behind the boat! In a couple of years, it became the best lure in my ‘trolling lures box’ for the fishing in clear waters. Many, many pikes were caught on this lure, and also some very big ones. Although the Fatso14 is quite chubby, even small pikes have no trouble striking it. I even caught 35cm pikes with it!

Of course, I bought more Fatso14′s in different colours, but the Perch is magical! None of the other Fatso 14′s in my collection has earned my trust as much as the perch version. I fear for the day that I lose it, for example by hooking an obstacle under water… That’s gonna be a black day in my fishing life, haha!

The reason for writing this article is a fishing trip with my friend Frans last week. We took his boat to one of the biggest lakes in The Netherlands, trying to catch some pike. Perhaps we could even improve my 113cm personal record… We both love casting jerkbaits, so our goal was catching a big pike on a jerkbait. During the day, we caught a couple of pikes whit a maximum of 85cm, very nice, but not why we came for here!

At the end of the day we decided to return to an area with vegetation and give it a last shot. Normally we go full speed when we want to go to a certain destination. But not this time. This time we slowly navigated the boat and trolled some lures behind it.

I fished a small crankbait with the rod in my hand, and the rod in the holder was trolling, of course, my Salmo Fatso14 Perch. After 15 minutes without action, the 80 grams rod in the holder suddenly bend complete double! It took some effort to get the rod out of the holder, but after that, the battle between me and the fish began. Minute after minute, I could not even see the fish, all I could do was hang onto the rod, trying to pump the fish to the surface.

When I finally saw the fish, some scary moments started, the fish was only hooked with one hook in some weak piece of skin!

Apparently, I had an angel on my shoulder. The hook didn’t lose grip and 2 minutes later I was proudly showing the huge pike in front of the camera. What a cow! After measuring it, we knew it for sure, that improved my personal record pike! 115 centimetres!

Carefully I returned the big fish in the water, I grabbed it by the tail, and almost at the same time the pike gave one big wave with the tail and slowly disappeared into the depths. Great to see a big momma like that calmly swim away, as nice as catching it!

I gave my fish mate a high five, texted some other, and we continued our way. Half an hour later something grabbed my Fatso 14 again, a 80cm pike grabbed it, jumped complete out of the water, and unhooked itself in the air. I didn’t care, I was satisfied anyway!

A few last casts were made and we decided to go home. We cleared out the boat with big smiles on our faces, it has been a fantastic day. Thanks to the Fatso!


Michiel Wateler

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