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New Rutger’s record

New Rutger’s record
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Once a month, Rutger de Jong takes a 3 hours bus trip to fish a day with me. That would be six-hour traveling for eight hours fishing. So, we started to make the day to a complete fishing weekend.

Jerkbait fishing is what Rutger likes most. At sixteen, he mostly wets all the lures in my large tacklebox twice a day. But time and time again, he comes back to Fatso, either the perch or roach. Jerkbait fishing, they say, is not too productive after October. But as usual when I fish with this your angler, nothing seems to fit. Casting with Fatso, the first fish he caught was a nice 107-cm pike. Later he boated a 103-cm pike and then Rutger found himself in big trouble with an obvious large specimen. Not much later, he broke his personal best with a 120-cm pike, whose head simply dwarfed Fatso’s bulky shape. A few hours later if he experienced shaking knees while playing the fish. Well he said, I still am like rubber doll!

And Me? I know that at the end of the season many juvenile pike leave the dying vegetation to seek new homing. Their larger brothers and sisters know this too and wait for them. Jack 18 is a superb imitation for these circumstances. But Jack has another plus. It is a light jerkbait and penetrates well against the wind. With the wind in the back, one can cast Jack a country mile! It is also very easy to fish and has a nice short wiggle at a dead stop. Actually, I never used another lure for autumn and winterfishing since I did lay hands on Jack.

Rutger caught a super triple on pike. I had to do with a few smaller and a very nice 110 cm specimen.

I know one guy who had a very pleasant bus trip home.


- Bertus Rozemeijer -

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