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Warrior Crank- Fishing Academy SALMO

Warrior Crank- Fishing Academy SALMO
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When taking a first glance at a Warrior Crank, it is obvious that it is not a typical twitchbait.  A tiny bill might look a little bit too small when compared to the rest of the massive body.  But all you need is to try twitching this bad boy for even one minute to be totally enamored by its incredible action.



Warrior Crank literally comes alive after each stroke of the rod!  And it does not stay still after you stop cranking.  For a short time the lure wobbles and flashes its sides, driving the hungry predators crazy!  Although it was introduced way back in 2003, its construction has not changed since.  It is very universal and multipurpose lure for all large predatory fish.




The Warrior family

is pretty small.  It consists of one size lure with two versions- sinking and floating.  Although on the outside they differ only by weight and a different sign on the bill, in reality those are two totally different lures.  Each one of them will prove itself in different conditions and with different presentations.

Model Version Lenght (cm) Weight (g) hooks Recommended mono/braided line
Diving depth (m)
w 15 c floating 15 55 two-no. 4/0 0,30/0,20 0,5/1,5
w 15 cs sinking 15 75 two-no. 4/0 0,35/0,23 2,0/2,5

Both versions of the Warrior Crank are incredibly aerodynamic.  Properly chosen fishing setup will enable angler to reach casting distance of 50m or more.  So let’s take a quick look on how such setup should look like


A properly chosen fishing kit

Warrior is a heavy lure.  Like for all the lures that are heavier than 30g, we recommend using a baitcasting gear.  It enables comfortable fishing for many hours and effective hookset and ability to battle with fish of all sizes.  To fish two kinds of Warriors you would need just one medium power outfit.  We are talking about a 1,95-2,3m baitcasting rod and a round multiplayer type reel with the high ratio gear.  For casting we recommend a braid line of at least 15kg strength.  For trolling, and especially when the rod is held in the hand, monofilament line would be the best option.  That way we will avoid losing weakly hooked fish in the first seconds of a fight.  Of course we cannot forget about the strong leader with a good quality swivel snap.  Unfortunately when fishing from the bank we are faced with a choice- more functional gear or less physical strain on us.  This type of fishing scenario often requires using a rod longer than 2,3m.  But no matter what type of gear we will use, our rod and reel must feel comfortable in our hands and must be easy to fish with.  And it is not just a matter of comfort but it will directly affect our fishing success.  Warrior Crank is a lure that requires a little bit more focus and attention than your ordinary crankbait.  It is meant to be fished very actively, and requires the angler to constantly work the rod tip.  So if our fishing rod happens to be a little too long, we will get tired pretty quick and our fishing technique will be the first casualty.

Like we mentioned earlier, there are two versions of Warrior Crank, floating and sinking.

The floating version

It was the first prototype to hit the market and is the more popular of the two.  Despite its small bill, the lure works fairly aggressively.  Its tail does not swing too wide but the overall effect comes from the intense side wobble.  And this “blinking” is mainly the secret behind the Warrior’s lethality.  The floating version can dive only up to 0.5m below the surface and therefore is perfect for fishing shallow flats.  The fishing technique is the same like with all the other twitchbaits, rhythmic strokes of the rod separated by pauses during which the lure slowly floats upward.  It is crucial to constantly control the tension on the line.  It should not be too loose or we will miss the moment of the strike.  But it cannot be too tense either because it will prevent the lure from wobbling.  Of course the perfect balance of our line tension is usually possible during the perfect weather conditions.  Strikes on the Warrior Crank are usually visible and explosive.  This lure is also perfect for trolling.  On a 30m distance it can dive up to 1.5m without any additional weight.  It is perfect for fishing edges of underwater slopes and flats with thick aquatic vegetation even up to 4m deep.  When using a simple weight system, we can fish this lure at any depth.  A 100g weight, placed about 1m in front of the lure on a separate leader will enable us to reach even 7-8 meters deep.  The most effective way to troll is from the “hand”.  That way we can constantly control the action of our bait and react even to the most delicate bites.  That way we can also utilize a very simple but deadly trick that will increase the effectiveness of our Warrior.  When trolling, we simply drop our rod tip towards the lure and then slowly pull it back.  The strokes of our rod should be within a 45* angle from the edge of our boat.  When using this technique, our Warrior will work very erratically, sometimes coming to a complete stop but still shimmying its sides and driving predators crazy.

When fishing the rivers, we use the floating Warrior Crank fish the shallow flats near the bank, eddies and areas next to any underwater structure.  In the places like that it is good to stop reeling in and let the Warrior work freely in the current.  This trick is especially good when fishing the spots like fallen trees.  Sometimes it takes a minute or more of such stationary lure play to tempt the lazy pike out of the hiding.  In the large mountain rivers we fish across the current.  We cast slightly upstream and let the current swing our lure across the stream, working our reel just enough to keep the line tense.

Sinking Salmo Crank

Most likely many anglers have not even noticed when the sinking version hit the market back in 2008.  That is why despite its effectiveness it is still somewhat underestimated.  Its diving depth is stated at 2 meters.  But like with all the sinking lures, this number is theoretical.  In reality, with proper equipment and technique, it is possible to fish this lure even at 4meters or more.  Sinking Salmo Crank is perfect for fishing the steep underwater slopes where close to the shore the depth might be only 2m but 30 meters from the shore it often drops to 5-6 meters.  Of course to fish this area you will need a boat that should drift freely along the shoreline.  We work our lure by long strokes of the rod with various speeds.  At the last phase of our sweep, the rod tip should stop right above the water surface.  The most crucial thing in fully utilizing this lure is a long pause.  When we stop our retrieve, Warrior slowly sinks and shimmies or wobbles from side to side.  In those moments we must really be focused because that is when we will get majority of our strikes.  In my opinion, when utilizing only a steady retrieve without any pauses, we will miss over 80% of the potential bites.  The length of those pauses should be determined by the depth to which we want our Warrior to sink.  Smaller depth means shorter pauses and faster and more aggressive rod sweeps.  When fishing from the bank, we should use the countdown method.  On our first cast we let the lure sink all the way to the bottom and we count the time it takes for it to get there.  On the second cast we try to start our retrieve a little earlier, before it hits the bottom.  Optimally, our bait should move about 2m above the bottom.

When fishing the rivers, the most effective technique for the sinking Warrior is the free drift.  We simply cast the lure upstream and jerk it back just to reel up the line slack.  That way we imitate sick or wounded fish that is being carried down by the current.  This trick works even on the most experienced lunkers!

The sinking Warrior Crank is also great for trolling.  Depending on our speed, when trolled 30m behind our boat, our lure will dive to the depth of  2.5-3.5 meters.  If we wish to troll deeper, we should use the floating version with the additional weight.


Is less crucial of a factor, but still important.  In our offer there are three imitations of species that are present in nature: Real Roach, Real Perch and Real Green Shiner.  In general, we use those colors in the waters with high clarity.  On the other hand, when water is tainted, has algae bloom or during a low light periods, we recommend using the Green Tiger color.  Generally the color of our lures should be determined by the water clarity, not the species for which we fish.

Warrior Crank is a very universal lure that has caught many species on all continents.  Of course in Europe it was mainly pike caught in all different types of habitat.  But it also proved equally deadly on large zander, wels catfish and even the elusive Danube salmon.  When fishing for zander we must find the place where they feed anywhere from 1 to 3m deep.  This is where the sinking version will shine if we just jerk it slowly just above the bottom.  For the Danube salmon we should use the floating version.  The ideal places would be wide pools and riffles with large boulders where we should retrieve our lure slowly across the current.

Warrior Crank is also excellent for the saltwater fish.  Tests conducted in many tropical waters on all continents proved its effectiveness in catching barracudas, snappers, snooks and many other ocean species.  But when using very strong, salt-water grade gear it is important to change the trebles on our Warrior to equally strong and resistant to salt water.

Warrior Crank is a true friend to all the experienced trophy hunters.  It is worthwhile to utilize its unique qualities that will let us fish in places difficult for other wobblers.

Piotr Piskorski

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