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Roberto Ferrario – Italy

Roberto Ferrario – Italy
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Ferrario Roberto lives in north Italy. He started fishing in age of five or less with is father in river and lake close to home. That was the start of a passion … or obsession!

He stared with pole fishing and bottom fishing for carp, chub, rudd and similar fishes. When he was a boy move this passion to spin fishing and predator fishing in Italy. His favorite fish is pike. But the dream was to catch all these strange foreign predators for that period (internet wasn’t create it). When he was eighteen he started to travel to Africa, North and South America and Asia with the goal to catch fishes dreamed for years like: nile perch, tigerfish, gar alligator, mekong catfish, snakehead, arawana, pacu, piranha, peacock bass and many more. Due to these fishing experiences an Italian fishing magazine asked him to start writing some articles and that was the beginning of relationship that continue from more than 13 years. He also write for other international fishing magazines in France, Spain, Holland, Czech Republic, Croatia and many more.

Favorite Salmo lures are: Slider, Skinner and Giant Chubby

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