Ryan Clark – RPA

Ryan Clark – RPA
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Ryan Clark 25-02-1976

Ryan was born in Zimbabwe and spent the early days of his childhood growing up at Victoria falls on the might Zambezi river with his father who is also an avid fisherman.

So from as early as he could hold a fishing rod Ryan has been fishing and after schooling he went into the wildlife tourism industry in Southern Africa and in doing so was able to have access to waters that are generally off limits to the general public. He started writing for several magazines in the late 90’s originally for flyfishing magazines but by this time he had started to dabble in plugging and spooning for Giant Trevelly’s of the north coast of Kwa-zulu Natal. It was around this time that Ryan was contact by the Salmo representative in South Africa to test some of the Salmo range. Ryan then switched to freshwater artificial lure angling and continued his testing of products for Salmo and a few other brands in 2008 Ryan was selected to represent Natal for artlure angling. In 2009 he was selected for the North Gauteng “A” team and later that year was awarded national colors and represented South Africa in Khazakstan at the world lure fishing championships. Ryan has become a specialist in the field of freshwater Bream and tigerfish and travels annually with groups of people to very exotic destinations in pursuit of these fish. Ryan has preference for the Salmo range as they are hardy lures with a good swimming action

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