Lucky Salmo Perch

Lucky Salmo Perch
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I can’t tell you how many crankbaits I have used for my pike fishing, because it simply is too much. After some experiences with spoons and spinners, I started to use plugs. The first was a hollow, soft rubber French plug. One pike caught with it, and the lure was leaking, swimming out of balance and diving way to deep. Oh yea, there was an adjustable diving lip too! Looking back at this lure now, I realize that many things have changed in the lure making trade. Over the years I learned that the fishing tackle business is far from easy and to survive in this jungle, you must make the best and lure making is no exception.

Lure fishing these days was always generalized. You didn’t buy a lure for a certain fish. You just bought what was there in the shop. Any lure could be used for any predator and frankly speaking, the tackle shop owners forty years back could not tell you much either. Later it became obvious that despite the fact that you can catch any predator with any given lure, special lures for specific fish where really there. For example, a slim lure like Sting 12 is working better for Zander than a bulky 7 cm. Boxer. For me, but who am I, the Boxer is way more a pike lure. With this in mind, it is getting easier to make the right decisions in what to buy and where to use it for. Going back to pike, and picking the right lure, life is getting easier for me. In the past and working as a consultant for another company I had to face the fact that a simple Polish lure, called Perch 12 was out fishing my fancy lures time and time again. Even after all paint was peeled of by countless pike teeth, my friend was still beating me. Oh for sure, that friend, Henk Rusman, is a great pike angler. Luckily for me, he also wanted to catch pike with other lures. Just for the kick of doing this and giving me the possibility to close the gap once more. So that little bastard took my attention and although I am pretty loyal to my clients, I just have to use this little lure, amazing me about the simple swimming action and the way pike where responding on it. I was thinking about a relation between a lion and cheetah. A lion simply has to kill the smaller cat and maybe its just what a pike has to do when he of she get sight on this crippled swimming perch.

Luckily and not much later, I joined Salmo and could fish their lures as much as I wanted. Perch was and still is something special for me. I simply can’t find out what pike like so much about this one, regardless what size you use. They al do the job. Let me give you a sample of this effectiveness and although the pics that time where analogue and now missing, the whole event is still something special for me. I was asked to give a number of lectures about lure fishing for the grade eight of elementary school. Just before the big step to junior high, kids could ask all they wanted to know about fishing. To support this lectures, I asked my next door neighbour’s son and a few of his friends to fish with me and hopefully catch some pike. I gave them some Perch 8′s and dropped them on the bans of one of the canals. None of the three ever caught a pike or actually fished for them. Within two hours all three had caught two and one even three pikes. Although not big I left with enough pictures to complete a lecture kids can understand. In this case I showed the three boys how to twitch the perch. As kids can learn very fast, they just copied me and taught me on their turn how easy it was to catch pike with a Salmo Perch. If you are out on a canal a smaller lake, slow river or wherever you can connect with pike, try this yourself. Just give, while retrieving the lure, some short, hard snap with the tip of your rod. This makes the Perch a living devil and irresistible for our green coats. Oh did I tell you that a stiff rod is a great help to achieve this action?

Now if we jump from smaller water to big bodies of water we simply have to adapt to the circumstances. Bigger water, often bigger fish thus bigger lures. In the Perches case we just use the twelve and fourteen. Believe me, this is big enough to draw the attention of even the biggest pike. But than again, I must say that in late autumn, winter and early spring the fourteen is a plus to have. I always have three sizes in the box. The Floating gives me the opportunity to fish over and near weedbeds without connecting to the plants too much. Twitch this one with your jerkbait rod with hard strokes and for sure, not only you will be amazed what this lure performs before your very eyes. Trolling the Perch 12 and 14 comes very handy. For me, the 14 on real big water is a guarantee to bring up some fish. Mind you, often its big fish. Over the past year, this Perch 14 proved to be an outstanding attractor. Trolling them both will learn that the 12 dives up to four meters. Perch 14, on the same length of line goes down to three meters. With a Perch 14 on the rod and rodrest, I use the 12 in the hand held rod. Please work with this rod! While trolling I like to jerk the perch with again short hard snaps. A jerkbait rod in this case is a big help. Due to the fact that the 14 is diving less deep, you can, following the contours of your structure, allow the lines to cross over each other. They won’t tangle for lures and line passes over each other. Knowing this gives you the liberty to follow the structures very close and that combination is all what you need for a day of a lifetime.

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