This is a specialist lure created with cooperation with Finnish masters of trolling for salmon on large rivers; the name comes from a well known salmon river Tenojoki. Teno is offered in one size – a 6cm and a floater. Its main feature is a sharp pointed lip and special profile. This lip with its exclusive weight balance makes the Teno action in a strong river current absolutely unique. Every swirl of the river current causes this lure to ‘jump’ a little to the side, vibrating in an extremely deceptive way: a signal to attack for any predator! Teno has proved itself to be extremely successful when fishing for all river predators.



  • In the Salmo offer since - 2003
  • Available sizes: 6 cm
  • Available versions: Floating (F)
  • 4 Deadly effective colours
  • Internal rattle system
  • Super Tough Ultra Sonic Welded Plastic Construction
  • Unique polycarbonate lip
  • Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
  • Premium Black Nickel VMC Hooks

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The Teno is balanced like no other lure to perform in fast current and runs with a very irregular action. Fish love it and so will anyone who fishes this bait. You can troll or cast the Teno with equal success. The most efficient way of fishing is across the current or downstream. Excellent results will be given if the retrieve is paused for a while from time to time, so the action is given only by the current and a lure is stationary.

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Model version length (cm) weight(g) Hooks Recommended line (mm) Diving depth (m)
ST 6 floating 6 7 two-no. 6 0,25 1,0/1,5
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