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Field test of the new SALMO PERCH 14SDR

Field test of the new SALMO PERCH 14SDR
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This trip started in Salmo factory in the beginning of September. When my friend Tadek Muller showed me the new Perch 14 in the Super Deep Runner version I knew that I had to test it as soon as possible. Tadek said that these new lures dive to under 10 meters of depth. We thought Perch 14SDR should do a good job on the biggest lake in Poland – Sniardwy. We have decided to give it a try together on Sunday.

Thick fog was covering the lake when we started. We went through the Karwik lock and Seksty Lake. Then after short run through the narrow pass we finally reached Sniarwdy Lake. The fog went up making shoreline visible in first, morning sunbeams. Wind was very gentle and it was giving us additional hope for success. We left our lures about 45 meters behind the boat and started trolling. Soon we found however that our wobblers were diving too deep and digging the bottom. Small correction of the line length – shortening to 20 – 25 meters and everything was OK. Lures were moving really good without digging bottom. We drove along the big plateau close to the Spider Island. Our fishfinder was showing depths between 6 and 9,5 meters. This place was well-proven trolling spot. Looking on the screen of my fishfinder I saw small schools of baitfish. We tried this place a few times without any strike. When I started to think what was wrong, suddenly my rod bended down! It was very aggressive strike. It wasn’t a monster however. After a few seconds small 50 cm pike was onboard. Anyway – that was good start. Several rides around this plateau didn’t bring us the next strike however.

So we decided to change the place and to move to the Wide Ostrow Peninsula. There were many rocky structures on the bottom over there. A lot of big pikes were caught in this place. First ride along the rocky bottom gave us nice dance of our rod-tips. Long lips of our wobblers were bouncing large stones so we had a lot of work with our rods. We had to check a few times if hooks of our lures were free from shells or pieces of plants. I turned to the deeper water. My rod bended up again and reel’s brake started to play a lovely music! In amazement I couldn’t turn off the engine! I could feel immediately that it was large pike. My rod bent very deep and screaming reel brake strengthened our belief! After few minutes we were able to see a wide tail. For sure a fish over a meter! Can I take this crocodile with my hand? First attempt failed. Next one was better and I landed the fish onboard! Fast measurement and I couldn’t believe – 117 cm! This was my first fish over 1 meter caught on Salmo Perch 14SDR. After a short photo session the fish went back to the lake.

“Let’s try deeper” – I suggested. Tadek agreed and we went for a place close to the Luknian Bay. There are a few really deep holes over there but average depth is also not bad – 10 – 15 meters. Soon we were in place trolling with long lines and Perches14 SDR on the end of course. After 400 meters suddenly a monstrous power tried to snatch the rod from my hands! Strike! I have a strike! I cannot describe my excitement! After setting the hook I start to reel the line but I was not feeling fish on the other side. I lost it probably – I said. No – said Tadek – our boat is drifting and fish is going towards us, reel the line quickly! This was good to have a clever partner on the boat! He was right. Fish was still on the end of the line and I was able to feel it well after retrieving some line on my multiplier. Again strong and big pike! A few long runs around the boat and I caught monster with grip. Measurements showed 115 cm. Hurrrra! Again a few pictures of beautifully coloured fish with happy fisherman and the pike went back to his kingdom.

Next few hours didn’t give us a strike. We were very lucky however. At least I was! This is normal during autumn time. When the weather is good you can have 3-4 strikes per few hours of trolling. And for sure today the weather was good. Frankly I expected some strikes but two fish over 115 cm?! This is result you can compare with the best European fisheries. Anyway we have proven that Salmo Perch 14SDR is a good lure for trolling!

We went back home thinking about next trip. There are new Salmo Whitefish 13 and 18 in the Super Deep Running version waiting to be tested! I am ready!

Robert Paulin

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