Whitefish is one of the group of the oldest Salmo lures. From its very beginnings it has had a big fan base who think that this twitchbait is the best of its type on the market. This 13 cm lure comes in floating (F), deep running (DR) and super deep runner (SDR) versions. Whitefish 13 is also available in a deadly jointed (J) version.



  • In the Salmo offer since - 1992
  • Available sizes: 13 cm
  • Available versions: Floating (F), Jointed Floating (JF), Jointed Deep Runner (JDR), and Super Deep Runner (SDR)
  • 4 Deadly effective colours
  • Through-wire construction
  • Polycarbonate lip
  • Individually Hand Tuned & Tank Tested
  • Premium Black Nickel VMC Hooks

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A steady retrieve , quite slow, with soft pulls on the rod is the best way to work the Salmo Whitefish in rivers or lakes. You use sideways pulls on the rod tip to get the Whitefish to move in
a stop-start fashion, with each pull the lure should move about 0,5 – 0,8m. On a steady retrieve you should slow it down or even allow it stop periodically. The floating versions can be used for trolling either as they are or with an additional weight fixed directly on the main line or on a paternoster link.

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Model version length (cm) weight(g) Hooks Recommended mono/braided line
Diving depth (m)
sw 13 f floating 13 20 two-no.2 0,26/0,15 1,0/1,5
sw 13 dr floating 13 21 two-no.2 0,26/0,15 2,0/3,0
sw 13 jf floating 13 18 two-no.2 0,26/0,15 0,5/1,0
sw 13 jdr floating 13 19 two-no.2 0,26/0,15 1,5/2,5
sw 13 sdr floating 13 22 two-no.2 0,26/0,15 3,0/7,0
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