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Big Muskie on Skinner 20cm

Big Muskie on Skinner 20cm
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The day was Saturday, and we were just starting an event for our Muskie Club. Our lake of choice was Lake St. Clair. It had started off being quite a chilly morning, and we first began throwing bucktails, spinnerbaits, and topwater in the shallow weeds. We turned up nothing. We moved out a bit deeper, and started with some crankbaits and rubber. Still nothing. Slightly deeper yet, and we found ourselves fishing a huge bed of cabbage. We were picking through our tackle boxes to find the lures suitable for the depth and structure we were fishing. While my partner opted for a spinnerbait to go through the weeds, I reached for my Salmo Skinner 20. I knew with it’s bouyancy and ability to back out of weeds, it would be a good choice. I would rip the lure down until it made contact with weeds, and let it rise. Then rip it down again. It didn’t even take a dozen casts before a huge muskie decided she wanted to eat it. The big muskie came out of nowhere with the most violent strike I have ever witnessed, T-boning the Skinner sideways in her mouth. I yelled out to my partner to “Get the Net!! This is heavy fish!” He grabbed the net, and in less than a minute, the mighty fish was in the bag. After a few photos and high-fives, she went back into the water to spread her good genes and make another fisherman’s day.

Jim tenHaaf

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