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Wonderful fishing day on Ricobayo Reservoir

Wonderful fishing day on Ricobayo Reservoir
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On a Sunday 14th November we reached Ricobayo reservoir, at 11:00 AM. We loaded all the stuff on our boat and started doing trolling for pike. We started fishing on beach areas, at an approximated depth of 4-7 meters, having no bites at all. Then we decided to try deeper, and continued angling at a depth from 7 to 10 meters, but no activity yet.

In this moment I decided to give a try to a Salmo Perch 12 cm. SDR color RR, a lure that I had never used before. And the results were incredible: I started to get one attack after another on this lure, of common barbels from 2 to 3 kg. of weight, that didn´t mind to bite such big size of lure for barbel fishing.

We changed then the fishing area in the middle of the day, but continuing fishing on the Perch, that had given so good results, and then we started having also bites of pikes, and even one big black bass, of 2,8 kg., that is a very good size for this species in this reservoir and in Spain in general.

We also caught a lot of pikes on this lure, with a best fish that weighted 9,5 kg, other of 8,5 kg., 2 over 7 kg and one of 5,5 kg, all on the Perch SDR 12 cm. in the RR color, that was an incredibly successful lure this day, giving me my best pike day ever in this reservoir, specially in size of fish.

After 16:00 the activity declined, for any reason, and having already caught a lot of nice fish we decided to return to the port and finish this wonderful day of angling.

Antonio Sandoval


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